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Posted: Jan/27/01 Progress Report E (36%)/ Cfree
Great news I registered my domain, and have a preview page setup, that doesn't mean its my site, its just I preview. You can check out my the new site at; from now on all progress reports will be on my new site. So go check it out, and update your bookmarks!

Well See ya at my new site!

Posted: Jan/20/01 Progress Report D (32%)/ Cfree
Well no pictures yet, but I've finished the Game Support page, now all I need is some video game questions. If you notice, in the Pre-Interactive section above, I've add the first and only current Gamexpert, me. Well next update I'll have a fourm up and ready, so if your intested in joining the staff, you can send e-mail with all the required information. Anyways I've been looking into finding a good site to register the new domain name. I plan on registering in February, and I'm going to try and launch the site early March. Next update I'll try and have the fourm to join as a staffer, and I'll have a few more pre-interactive things set-up.

Untill next progress report, see ya!

Posted: Jan/13/01 Progress Report C (28%)/ Cfree
Well my computer was offline for the last week, so there was very little progress on the site, though I now have Windows XP on my computer, and it seems pretty cool. Well not much done on the new site, other then planning. I have finished the new Mail Bag on my site, I just need some input. If you want to send a gaming question or just want to just to make a point, send an e-mail to: Letters to RR#001. Thanks for sending mail, please don't attach anything to your letters though, because mail with attachments is automatically deleted.

Well next progress report I hope to have some pictures of the new site, also I hope to register the domain name soon. Better get back to working on the new site, see ya.

Posted: Dec/30/01 Progress Report B (20%)/ Cfree
Sorry I've left everyone cliff hanging, the site is slowly taking shape and looking great! I had a excellent Xmas, I got a couple great game, Pikmin and Wario Land 4 being my favorite, I beat Pikmin yesterday and I'll be starting a strategy foir my new site for it. The site so far looks great I'm going to have twice as many sections and lots of great stuff. Hopefully next update, I'll have a couple screen captures of it. Well I'll try and update more often, I know a couple people e-mailed me asking if the site was down for good, so I will say this in bold type; The site is not down for good, its just getting "Upgraded". Well gtg see ya.

Posted: Dec/11/01 Progress Report A (10%)/ Cfree
Well, I've been working behide the scenes for the last couple months on this new site. So far its graphically better then the IG, but I'm still working on the way files will be layed out. All be making progress reports a couple times each week. After I'm finished I'll launch the site at its new location, and make this one big link. Anyways currentlly, I've taken the IG down, so I'll have more time working on the new site. In the next couple weeks I'll release a couple of screenshots of the new site, and reveal some new details. Ontill then see ya


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